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Octopu s,

also called s tone house, octopus, octopus, stone, m oisture a bsorption an d dead cattle, bel ongs to th e mollusks door h ead foot ei ght wrist eyes (Octopoda). The octop us has eight arm, wrist, there are many suction cup; Sometimes spe wing black ink, help to escape. So me octopus ha s quite developed brain, can tell yourself in the mirr or. Throughout t he north and so uth coasta l of our country. Aim i s divided int o the spring a nd autumn period and the two season, spring 3- 5 months; Autumn in September 11. Our common octopuses are: short (Octopusochellatus), long A laska (Octopusvariabilis) and true squi rts (Octop usvulgar is), etc. In th e Mediterranean region, east ern countries and some other ar eas in the world , people see an oc topus as food for a long time。

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