Freezing Smoked Salmon Slices

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Freezing Smoked Salmon Slices

Salmon, which has a fine and elastic texture, is the first choice for raw food. If you like salmon products with more European and American flavour, you may want to check them out at Meijia. Fresh salmon has been smoked to give it a mouth-watering yellow colour. When the entrance, a soft feeling swept over you, which can make you unforgettable. After careful chewing, you can feel the delicious salmon, and feel the light smoke taste. In this soft fish and light smoke taste, you can deeply feel the pure beauty of European and American culture. Meijia’s smoked salmon is easy to eat, but it has a variety of flavours. When you take a small bite, you’ll be tempted to try the next one, and that’s the magic of Mejia’s smoked salmon. Meijia is meticulous from raw materials to products, so it can provide you with the best-smoked salmon.

smoked salmon pre sliced Specification

Size Pack Origin Storage Minimum Order
6-8g per fillet 0.5Kg – 1Kg (customizable) Chile Keep refrigerated at 0°C to 4°C. Once the pack is opened consume within 72 hours. To maintain the highest quality, we do not recommend refreezing this product. 1*20fcl

Cooking Method Of Smoked Salmon Slice
Ready to eat once opened

Ideal for salads, pasta, appetisers or other simple dishes your family will love.

Delightful Summer Salad

In a bowl, combine prepared salad ingredients together with dressing you like, arrange salad on a serving plate, flake over the smoked salmon slices and drizzle with the remaining dressing. Serve and enjoy!


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