Frozen Shime Saba Fish

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Brief Introduction of Shime Saba Fish
Shime Saba is good and cheap food for Sushi. We cut the top quality Norway mackerel to fillet, remove the bones, soak the shimesaba fish fillet with sugar, salt, vine, vinegar, and so on for many hours, then pick up the shime saba fish fillets and drain, we can get the delicious shime saba. Generally, we cut the shime saba frozen fillet to slice which makes it more suitable for Sushi and eats directly. We supply a different kind of packing as our customers’ request, small bag or tray for supper market and ending user, the big packing for the distributor. Meijia’s processed shime saba fish frozen removed fishy smell, vinegar can help to promote appetite, greatly retain the original nutrients, riched in protein, vitamins, DHA and low fat, it’s suitable for all kind of people. We, Shandong Meijia Group is very pleased to offer this kind of food to all of you.

Frozen Shime Saba Fish Specification

Size Pack Origin Storage
Thickness 2-4mm
Or as customer request
Norway, Faro Iceland At or below -18ºC
Ingredients of Frozen Shime Saba Fish:
Mackerel slice, Vinegar

Cooking Method of Frozen Shime Saba Fish
1. Unpack and defrost frozen shime saba at room temperature.

2. Eat directly or with the sauce.

  1. Simple processed for Sushi.


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