YINCANGYUseriolella punctata

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The body is flat on the side, nearly elliptical in shape, with curved protrusions on the dorsal and ventral edges. The head is small and flat on the side. The kiss is short and blunt. Small mouth, oblique fissure; Slightly protruding upper jaw; There is a row of fine teeth in the upper and lower jaw, while there are no fine teeth on the hoe bone, palate bone, and tongue. The edge of the anterior operculum bone is not free, and the main operculum bone has soft flat spines. The gill rakes are thin and sparsely arranged; The gill fissure is smaller, and the gill membrane is connected to the isthmus of the throat. The body is covered with small round scales that are easy to peel off; The lateral line is complete, and the lateral line tube behind the head is circular at the posterior edge of the area above the lateral line. The area below the lateral line extends backwards to 1/3 of the pectoral fin above. The soft strip in front of the dorsal and anal fins is particularly long, in the shape of a sickle, but does not extend to the base of the tail fin; Without abdominal fins. The back is light ink cyan, the belly is silver white, and each fin has slightly yellow and light ink edges.


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